Street Art

Imaged Above: Armação dos Búzios,  Rio de Janeiro 2009


Antonio Fernando Varela – Esculturas do Mar,  Rio de Janeiro 2009



Kreuzberg, Berlin Germany 2017

I have been documenting street art for the past 10 + years. I have always found this type of art to speak most of the time and place in which it is found.

I mostly enjoy the typographical forms and colors throughout a piece, as well as their location to be fascinating!

Although we have begun to come to terms with detaching our present selves with the identities of those given to us through art history, street art is one of the most democratic and effect communication tool for socio-political change

This is the beginning of a series of both film & digital format.


Left: Celia Cruz “La Guarachera de Cuba” Right: Pedro Pietri (Founder of the Nuyorican Movement) Photo: April 5, 2010 El Barrio, NYC


Obama, Merkel & Putin 2014, Kreuzberg Berlin



Oberbaum Bridge, Kreuzberg Berlin 2017

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