Social Media Activism & Effective Organizing

Activism has increasingly become an effective way of communicating with other like minded individuals to stand together for a cause. Over the past few months I have become more aware of the ways in which media such as film and the internet play in the development of socio-political change. A well researched blog post can also [...]

I am Malala: Book Review

Not all celebrities are A-listers and not all celebrities get behind charity work to stand for a cause. In western society we tend to value celebrityhood in a way that promotes the level of expenditure rather than the strength of the cause. Although countless numbers of celebrities have donated to charities or stood behind a [...]

Documentary Review: The Square

In the documentary film The Square, director Jehane Noujaim  crafts the message regarding the relationship dynamics between the religious and political state of Egypt. The message was about the importance activism played throughout the unification, and then later divide between the resistance and the brotherhood--the compromises of both the physical and philosophical obstacles they faced while looking [...]